Return and Refund Policy

1. Cancellation of Order & Refund

If the cancellation is requested from us, customer will receive full refund.

Reasons of cancellation from us may be caused by:

a. Items are sold out for the time being.

b. Items are discontinued.

If customers request for cancellation, the payment can be fully refunded if the cancellation request is made 48 hours before delivery.

In the events of customers receiving damaged goods during the process of delivery, payment will be fully refunded if the request for it deemed fair and reasonable.

Orders that cannot be refunded due to the nature of our items:

a. Cancellation request is made to us less than 48 hours before delivery was made.

b. Changes of recipient’s information less than 48 hours before the delivery was made.

c. Inaccurate input of recipient’s address after delivery was made.

The products on sale depends on the availability of said product.

Products may not look exactly the same as in the pictures but we strive to provide the best bouquets to our customers.

We reserve the right in replacing items in the product if it is not available for the time being with equal or the same kind. We will also inform the customers before making such changes.

2. Money Flowers

Only the cost of the product can be fully refunded. Any damage, theft or loss related to the amount of money used to make money flowers will not be our responsibilities.

Refunds will be received in 3 to 5 working days.

3. Flower Quality

The products may differ from the pictures given the nature of our products as each plants grow different from each other. They may differ from sizes, colours and shape but we will maintain the same quantity and quality to our customers.

If parcel delivery is involved for items such as dried flowers, bouquet may arrive smaller than picture as the small flowers might fall during the delivery process.

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