Shipping Policy

1. All shipping dates are generally depending on the products’ availability.

2. All shipments are guaranteed if loss, theft and damage are involved during the process of delivery. However, we will not hold any responsibility after the products are delivered to the recipients.

3. If there is any damage or unsatisfactory regarding our product, please contact us immediately within 2 days after receiving the products.

4. Products will be usually arriving within 5 to 7 working days. However, delays might occur depending on the delivery service company on certain reasons such as public holidays, weathers or natural disasters.

5. Any refunds will not be given and we will not take any responsibilities will customers provided us the wrong recipients’ information especially name, addresses and contact information after delivery was made.

6. Any orders or returns are only to be sent or received by shipping methods only. Neither customers or Defairytales workers can pick up the ordered products or returned products.

7. If products are not available, Defairtales reserves the right to substitute the products with equal or greater value, delay or cancel order depending on the customers’ options.

8. Only artificial or preserved flowers can be shipped. Fresh flowers will be substituted with artificial or preserved flowers if customers request for shipping outside Segamat area.

9. Money Flowers: Only the cost of the product can be fully refunded. Any damage, theft or loss related to the amount of money used to make money flowers will not be our responsibilities.

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